Essential cosmetic products from Essence

Most women carry a make-up case with a lot of products to make-up that they do not use, just for the simple reason of “just in case”. To avoid this problem, you have to start selecting what are the essential cosmetics for you, that you use every day and can not miss on any occasion, taking into account that a long list of eyeliners are not the most important. Your make-up case should have what you need to always be ready for action, but do not forget that it is recommended every 3 months to renew your cosmetics and always be in fashion.

It is necessary that the cosmetic products are free of any contamination that may affect your face. This portfolio is the same as when we can not leave the house without our keys and cell phone, the three things always at hand. We recommend products from Essence cosmetics but there are other good brands on the market as well.

Essence cosmetics

In case you have planned not to sleep in your house, you can store the products you need in small containers, either hair cream, or shampoo.

Top beauty essentials


It is advisable to have a small amount of your moisturizer on your face in a bottle, you never know if something should appear and you do not have to prepare your face at any time.

Essence cosmetics

Moisturizing hand cream

You want to look beautiful, but we should also worry about our hands, dry hands are not a good option at any time. The care of the hands never goes out of fashion.


You can consider having two lipsticks in your portfolio, a tone for the day, and another for the night, in case you leave work and you have/want to go to an event and it does not give you a chance to fix yourself enough.


You can miss anything, except the corrector, it saves you from covering any imperfection at all times, do not leave it at home.


Wherever you are, you will need a small mirror to touch up your makeup at any time of the day.


Many women carry with themselves large palettes of shadows, but I assure you that they will not be very useful. Also to walk around with all of them is a lot of work! So if you are one of those who has separate leftovers, we recommend you to put them in your wallet – but only 2 or 3 small shadows with soft tones with which you can create a good look. So do not make yourself exaggerated and most importantly get out of trouble.

But if you have shadows on palettes, then choose a small palette, like 4 or 6 shades, great makeup brands is surely Essence cosmetics. Use their essential colors and store them in your case everywhere you go. It’s even better if you bring along their own brush to apply shadows when you need them. These way you can avoid having to save all brushes separately.

Eyelash mascara

It is necessary to have a mascara always with you since this will make you change the look at a glance, very practical and important. We recommend that you buy one that has vitamins and nutrients to have the health of your eyelashes to 100, and also that it is of those that do not run, beware of this.

With these products, you will be ready on any day and any occasion. You have the option that if you are the one that uses a lot of perfume, then keep it in a small spray and carry it with you in your case.

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