Tips to Make Your Lovely Makeup Last All Day Long

In the world of modern beauty culture, lovely makeup application has now become both a science and an art. You can reveal your artistry in how you transform your looks and there is also a science behind understanding the products suitable for your specific skin type. 

If you want your makeup to last all day long, here are some tips to help you out:

Keep Your Skin Hydrated 

For your look to last throughout the day, everything starts way before any makeup application. Before you get yourself glammed up, it is important that you stick to a hydrating skincare routine on a daily basis. It means you need to moisturize using an SPF-rich and light moisturizer every morning and a collagen-stimulating and thick night cream before you sleep.

Long-lasting lovely makeup
Lovely makeup

It is also highly recommended to drink lots of water and eat a balanced and nutritious diet. A properly hydrated skin will help ensure that your makeup will be absorbed by your skin and stay there all day. 

Use a Primer

It may sound more convenient to just apply your foundation right away, especially if you are a bit in a hurry. But, the real secret to long-lasting lovely makeup is to have the right base in place. Before you apply any color, you should spread a primer first all over your face and neck.

Lovely makeup bronzer – Milky Chocolate Bronzer

Good primers will not just protect your skin by serving as a barrier between this and pore-clogging and heavy foundation as it will also transform your skin into the perfect clean canvas you can work on. 

Make Exfoliation a Habit 

Exfoliating is no doubt the single most critical step for your makeup to last all day long. Dry skin will lead to dried up and cracked makeup. To save yourself from the embarrassment and frustrations associated with flaking, skin exfoliation should be done at least twice a week.

Lovely makeup
Lovely makeup eyeshadow palette

When you get rid of that topmost layer of dry and dead skin, it gives your makeup the chance to look smoother and stay crack-free for hours. 

Don’t Forget to Clean Those Applicators 

Whether you believe it or not, those tools you are using to apply lovely makeup might be the number one culprit why it doesn’t last for as long as you want. Although you can use your fingers to tap down the product, the last thing you want is to transfer your fingertips’ oil on your face. If you are using dirty brushes, the buildup of gunk may also get transferred. To achieve a flawless look from morning till night, always keep your tools clean and tidy.

Go for Waterproof Products

Waterproof eye makeup shouldn’t be used only during special occasions such as weddings. In fact, even during those days when you don’t expect to cry a bucket of tears, quality waterproof products also serve as sweat-proof, making them the best choice if you want your lovely makeup to last through the day. It doesn’t matter if you are running errands, it rains all of a sudden, or you laughed so hard to the point of tears, waterproof makeup can make it through any situation.

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