Battle of the Best Makeup Brands

As far as makeup is concerned, quality always makes the difference. If you want your makeup to look good and can last all day long without causing any skin problems, it is important to compare makeup brands to make the right choice. 

The good news is that most of the top brands in the industry constantly deliver topnotch and high quality products guaranteed to satisfy every beauty need. Take a look at this quick comparison of some of the trusted makeup brands that you can find in the market so that you won’t have any regrets with your makeup purchase.


NYX, a true brand for makeup artists, has got it all for you. From powders, to creams, lip formulas, pigments, and glitters, you will never run out choices with this makeup brand. NYX is considered as the best brand to go to if you are just getting started with your makeup experimentation. You can fill your makeup kit with NYX products before you splurge on more luxury brands to check first if they will work well for you or not. 

NYX products are considered as the best brand if you just getting started with your makeup experimentation
NYX products for every woman

NYX is a drugstore makeup brand that has become a staple through the years for everyone obsessed with beauty but is also on a budget at the same time. Professional makeup artists and beauty bloggers alike rave about the innovative products of the brand. They also love and appreciate the fact that the brand was able to keep the prices of their products low even after the expansion of their product range. 

Toni Ko, the founder of NYX, launched the brand in 1999 and according to her, the main purpose of the company was to produce good products that come in affordable prices. 


If you compare makeup brands, Nabla is another name you will encounter. The Italian makeup brand Nabla offers a complete range of different vegan makeup products and products that are labeled as Peta Cruelty-free. When you speak of vegan makeup, it means that the products don’t contain any colorants or ingredients with animal origin like carminium. When a product is labeled as Peta Cruelty-free, it means that no animal testing is involved. 

Nabla makeup brand
Makeup brands: Nabla

Nabla carriers a gorgeous range of lipsticks, refill eyeshadows, mascara, eyeliners, concealers, pencils eyebrow, as well as magnetic case for your makeup palettes. The high quality makeup products from Nabla offer intense pigmentations. The formulas they use are highly efficient, made up of excellent ingredients, and completely safe to use. 

All of their formulas are very innovative and rich in details that could make a big difference to produce the final objects that are practical, cured, beautiful, and never boring.

Nabla considers that every personal makeup should help enhance a person’s individuality and serve as a means for every individual to find their unique style for coloring the mind with no fear. 

Animal safeguarding is among their biggest assets so they make sure that their cosmetics are completely and guaranteed vegan.

Eyeglasses ladies and beautifull makeup

Makeup Tips for Wearing Eyeglasses Ladies

Fabulous eyeglasses ladies are no longer for vision purposes alone. It doesn’t matter if you opt for off-the-shelf or prescription readers because these small style powerhouses can easily make you feel cooler, more fashionable and absolutely more glamorous.


Essence is a makeup brand composed of a small team committed to bringing high quality, fun, and affordable product to the serious cosmetics world. Why will you settle for just one eyeliner, lipstick, lip gloss, eye shadow, and nail polish if you can just try everything? 

Essence provides quality cosmetics at reasonable prices. Essence is made in Europe and features a collection of makeup products in trendy shades offering smooth textures and excellent coverage. These are also easy to blend and apply.

Essence The Eyebrow Pen – Dark Brown

The beauty philosophy of Essence is that beauty is just being yourself, who you wish to be and have fun as you do it. Essence believes that there is something inspiring in real beauty with real story and this is the reason why they love their consumers. They also believe that beauty comes in all sizes and shapes and doesn’t need to be very serious and must be fun instead. 

They are also firm believers of great prices and high quality makeup. For them, beauty doesn’t have to be expensive and they prove every single day that excellent innovation and quality is never a matter of price. 

Makeup Revolution

Makeup Revolution, a British trading company, is an internationally renowned cosmetics brand that offers hair, skincare, and makeup products. 

Recognized for their inclusivity, the products of Makeup Revolution come in very affordable prices with a focus on making sure that everyone of all ages, genders, locations, and ethnicities could take part in the revolution. 

Adam Minto, the founder of the brand, said that makeup shouldn’t be elitist and based only on the willingness or ability to pay more. 

While most budget brands make up for the price of the lack of quality of their products, Makeup Revolution is acclaimed for their money-saving credentials and high standard of products at the same time. 

When they initially launched in 2014 in Superdrug stores, their arrival made the brand receive lots of coverage from the media. However, it seemed like the moment more influencers were involved, more and more people also started to really pay attention and stand up for it. 

Makeup Revolution didn’t avoid influencer marketing and they were also not discreet about this. However, for the past couple of years, they took things to another level as they worked with some of the best and most popular influencers and bloggers in the industry. 


If you want to compare makeup brands but you haven’t heard of the Catrice brand, it might be about time for you to make yourself familiar with this brand. Catrice is a makeup brand from Europe that is still new to the United States. And it is not a surprise that it is now crushing the game for budget beauty. 

With prices that are ridiculously low enough to go on a head to head battle with the most affordable drugstore makeup favorites and quality that is only as good enough and sometimes even better compared to other higher end choices, you know that you will never go wrong with Catrice. 

Some of their products include the ultra pigmented metallic liquid eyeshadow to mascaras that are guaranteed to curl your eyelashes. 

Don’t forget to compare makeup brands before you settle for any products. 

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