The best eyelash serum you can buy

Did you know that an eyelash normally undergoes three growth phases? Anagen, catagen, and telogen phases. The anagen phase is the most active of the three phases, and lasts for 15 to 20 days, during this time, 40% of your upper lashes and 15 % of your lower lashes are undergoing active growth. The most dormant phase is the catagen and the production and growth of pigment stop. The last phase, telogen is the time that your lashes shed off to make room for new ones developing from the follicle, a process that lasts between 30 to 45 days.

Eyelash growth serum

What to Keep in Mind

The growth of eyelashes can be increased significantly by the use of growth serum, especially during the anagen phase. Growth serum may also elongate the time during the catagen phase. The growth serum formula extends that lifecycle of the eyelash so it doesn’t shed off as soon as it would otherwise.

Eyelash growth serum

Even though the serum has great benefits, the user should exercise patience. It takes time to manifest the results, therefore applying one every morning can lead to quick results. Its similar as if you are using anti-wrinkle cream.

Before applying growth serum, double check to ensure it is compliant to lash extensions (if you have one). Otherwise, it will affect the effects of your extensions.

You can also use best false eyelashes that comes with re-wearable lashes that can be used and reused for six times if you keep them clean and store properly.

The Best Eyelash Serum in the Market

LashFood Phyto-Medic Eyelash Enhancer

This serum contains soy protein and lavender water that will strengthen and nourish tiny hairs. The clear gel comes with a thin brush to help you apply the serum at the exact place at the base of your follicles.

Eyelash growth serum

If you are worried that you might forget to apply the serum daily, you can try to place the bottle next to your toothbrush.

Peter Thomas Roth Lashes/Die For Turbo Nighttime Eyelash Treatment

The trick is in the name of the serum. Apply it every night. If you are a skeptic of sleeping with makeup on, you can apply it during day time. It is important to be consistent with the application of the serum to enhance the fullness, thickness, and length of your lashes.

Shiseido Full Lash Serum

Shiseido Full Lash serum is a double duty growth serum that is, it applies to both lashes and brows. The gel has a thick applicator to effectively coat the base of your lash line. In addition, if your lashes have grown more brittle, this serum has a hydrating formula that will restore them and making them look healthy and shiny.

Lancer Lash Serum Intense

This growth serum has polypeptides and biotin which is perfect for voluminous lashes and conditioning. Furthermore, it nourishes eyelashes, making them look glossy.

RevitaLash V’Lumine

The product is infused with botanical ingredients such as ginger, aloe vera extracts, and lavender, which help to effectively moisturize your lashes, allowing them to grow.

Diorshow Maximizer #D Triple Volume Plumping Lash Primer

Despite the fact that the product is called lash ‘primer,’ it functions perfectly like a serum in the sense that it improves the curl and thickness of lash hairs. Its applicator allows you to easily swipe on so it works as a primer.

You can also use eyebrow growth serum that can make you look and feel better as it will bring about the natural shine and beauty of your eyebrows.

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