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Nabla is an Italian indie brand. This brand was introduced to be truthful to its clients, going further beyond the normal market conventions so as to provide high quality makeup products that are totally safe for use and highly efficient. Their conducted research is on the basis of the use of best ingredients preferably the natural ones. Moreover, their research is based is also based on high performance. The underlying philosophy behind the creation of the company was to be crystal clear, truthful and to be free.

All the incorporated formulas are highly innovative. In addition, the formulas are detailed hence production of final commodities that are practical, beautiful, cured and never banal.

Behind every make up, there is a profound reflection to match. Therefore, Nabla considers that each personal makeup must bring out individuality so that each person finds his her style that colors the mind without fear. Every client is important to Nabla and therefore to produce, the very best results for clients, every member of Nabla’s team work together in harmony.


For their make-up line, Nabla and Lovely makeup has a variety for the lips, eyes, and face. For the lips, they have lip kit, lip liner, lip gloss, liquid lipstick. For the eyes, they have the eye palettes, brow, eyeliner, cream eye shadow, and mascara and palette liberty. Finally, for the face, the products include blush, powder, contour and highlight and their concealer.

Pricing policy

Since Nabla cosmetic production is passion oriented and not after making high-profit margins, their constant aim is to ensure the lowest price possible in relation to the quality of the products they produce.


The cosmetics they produce are of great value because the formulas that they use are enriched with excellent ingredients that go through precious research and selections of raw materials. The selection of these ingredients is based on very high standards.

Cruelty-free & vegan

Nabla is cruelty-free certified. They do not:

  • Test the finished products or the single ingredients of the products on any animal
  • Commission on behalf of other companies any of these tests conducted on animals
  • Commercialize their products in countries where it is mandatory to test on animals before commercialization.

Animal safeguarding is one of Nabla’s greatest interests. In their cosmetics, there are no colorants or ingredients of animal origin like carminium implying that they produce vegan products. The only exception comes to products that are containing beeswax.

Quality control

The purchase of online products should be in the same way as buying products offline in physical shops. From the selection to the packaging of raw materials and their containers, each and every single phase of Nabla’s work is constantly controlled.

Every single product is accurately checked so as to guarantee the established quality standards and integrity. They follow every stage with attention.

Why Nabla

Nabla is a symbol used in physics to explain nature and all its shades directly and with clarity. Similarly, Nabla adopts the same attitude by examining nature and finding step by step a more adequate and effective way to utilize its potential to bring beauty into their products.

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