Exciting Ways to Use Hair Inserts

Every time you think of hair extensions or hair inserts, the very first things that will come to mind are those tacky looking hair extensions in mall kiosks that look unnatural. You might even recall those wefts with different colors made popular during the 90s and early 2000s. However, today, hair extensions have gone a long way in terms of accessibility and quality alike. 

The best thing about hair extensions is that you can now use them in many different ways, and these include the following:

Add Volume 

Would you like to have voluminous and thick locks instead of thin hair? Hair extensions can add dimension and body to your hair to help you achieve the hair of your dreams. One of the common ways of using hair extensions is by adding thickness and volume.

You can also unleash your creativity with hair inserts

You just need to stack a couple of wefts on top of each other and form a mega weft to create more volume. You can also use a volumizer weft to your existing weft to have more thickness. 

If you don’t like the extra length, don’t worry because you can always go for shorter length. You can also ask your hairstylist to trim your set shorter to match the current length of your natural hair. 

Add Fullness to Messy Bun or Ponytail 

Are you tired of your limp and sad-looking ponytail? If you want extra body and volume to your ponytail, you can use clip in hair inserts to add extra body and volume to it. Ponytails of all types are always trendy and with just several wefts, you will be able to transform your ponytail into a bouncy and perky do with no need for any extra faux extension for your ponytail.

If you prefer messy buns, you just need to twist your thicker new ponytail on itself, use several bobby pins to secure it and enjoy having a messy bun with more volume. 

Create Thicker and Longer Beads 

Have you always dream of achieving those perfect-looking fluffy, thick, and long braids that are popular in social media?  Here is a special secret to help you achieve full, thick, and long braids that will become the envy of other ladies. Hair inserts are the best solution for transforming short and thin braids into long braids with mega volumes. Just clip several wefts in strategic areas around your head before you braid you hair and just like that, you will get that stunning braid with added thickness. 


You can also unleash your creativity with hair inserts. Instead of spending long hours trying to use your natural hair to achieve some complicated hairstyles, you can simply your extensions for this purpose.

Add Color and Highlights

Would you like to try a new hair color but you don’t feel brave enough to go for permanent color? Do you want to try balayage or ombre but you don’t want to damage or bleach your hair during the process? Hair inserts are exactly the solution you need. From subtle balayage highlights to edgy ombre colors, you will be able to change the color of your hair in a matter of minutes with no need to go to your favorite salon.

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