12 Tips to Handle Stress at Work in the Moment and Long Term

how to destress after a bad day at work

Earlier in the interview, he also spoke about how he was the first president to have a Black woman as vice president and had appointed Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, the first Black woman to serve on the Supreme Court. Politico first reported Biden’s comments, which come as the president seeks to shore up supporters on the left amid concerns about his ability to do his job — and defeat Donald Trump in November. Asked whether he’d received medical care after the debate, he told the assembled governors he was checked out by a doctor and that everything was fine, according …

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Relationships in Recovery: Balancing Personal and Partner Needs

healthy relationships in recovery

An important aspect of any new romantic relationship is to be upfront about your recovery. You don’t have to say you’re sober on the first date – it may come up naturally in conversation as you’re getting to know the other person. Your sobriety doesn’t romantic relationships in recovery have to be the focal point of the relationship either, but it’s certainly a large part of who you are. While you do not want your partner to be your sponsor or the overseer of your program, it is important to include them in healthy ways.

How to repair relationships after

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